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Combining proprietary biopharmaceutical technologies with seasoned industry leaders to capitalize on the transformational impact of Cannabis in the high-growth skincare, beauty, and personal care sector. 

Where Beauty Meets Cannabis

Rapidly Growing Marketplace

America's CBD market is projected to grow from $591M in 2018 to $22B by 2022.
(Source: Brightfield Group)

Led by regulatory evolution, new medical research, and perception shift, the acceleration of the CBD industry in the United States is creating a new market space with opportunities for growth.

With the legalization of hemp derived CBD recently approved by Congress, CBD’s disruption to the health and wellness industry has begun, as products infused with cannabis-inspired ingredients can feature effective medicinal, restorative, and therapeutic benefits.

Our Strategy

LBE believes CBD-inspired beauty and personal care opportunities in the health and wellness, sustainability, and social impact spaces represent one of the great industry growth trends in the coming years. 

These ‘pharma lite’ businesses are uniquely attractive, as they combine strong demographic growth and pharmaceutical industry profitability, without the high regulatory and capital expenditure costs.

We have assembled seasoned industry leaders with partners in biopharmaceutical technology, to develop our emerging brands to be well positioned in the growing CBD marketplace. 

What is CBD?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a chemical compound derived from hemp (cannabis sativa plant), which is a natural non-psychoactive, separate from its more commonly known psychoactive counterpart, THC. The derivation of CBD from hemp has been legalized in the December 2018 Farm Bill passed by the US Congress. 

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